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Umbraco 8 : How to get Absolute URL from Content

There are big changes in Umbraco v8. In the website, we are using absolute URLs to set pages and links. In Umbraco 7 and Umbraco 8, there is different ways to get an absolute URL.

In Umbraco 7 :

we simply use UrlAbsolute() with IpublishedContent.

In Umbraco 8 :

There is little difference compared to v7. There is a parameterize method used to get the Absolute URL.

content.Url(string culture = null, UrlMode mode = UrlMode.Auto)
content.Url(string culture = null, UrlMode mode = UrlMode.Absolute)

using this type parameter, we can get a relative or absolute URL depends on what is the best, but you can also forcefully generate Absolute URL using Mode UrlMode.Absolute.

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